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Where I am now

I work as a full time Energy Practitioner and Martial Arts teacher.  I offer both online sessions and physical classes. I'm currently based in Chipping Sodbury near Bristol in the United Kingdom.  Synergy Services

I regularly conduct energetic clearances as part of my daily routine. I focus a lot on energy development both as a personal practice to enhance my life force potential and as a life long study.  I have been really fortunate to have traveled around the world to receive direct teachings from acclaimed masters. These experiences have been widely beneficial and feed in nicely when helping my students and clients in their daily challenges. 

Synergy services can offer a unique way to raise humanity consciousness.  Whether that be through physical body work, transmuting dark energies, or using sound frequency activation.


My most widely used service 'Quantum Healing' combines a number of energetic tools at different times. These can range from Intuitive Insights, to psychic downloads, energy readings using astrological houses or light code frequency activation also know as light language. These incorporated with the Yuen Method, the Body Code and spirit and implant attachment removal. This helps create a unique multifaceted approach to my energy clearance work that has benefited so many of my clients. 

In my work I draw upon the knowledge of the energy systems. This could be from the physical body to psychology patterns, or the Chinese meridian and chakra system, to the subtle energy bodies and astral interference. I draw upon metaphysical insights that I have gained from years of professional practice. I also highlight to my clients the importance of developing their mind-body connection, which I have developed after years of martial arts practice and my own self energy healing work.      


My Aspirations

     ..." With an inexhaustible curiosity for seeking truth and a better understanding of our universal connection. I have dedicated many years to deprogramming the mind, expanding consciousness, researching human origins and looking for the root cause of human suffering.   

This led me onto a path of seeking truth in what is now termed the age of disinformation.  It has been this existential journey that has set a foundation for my energetic explorations. I feel we all have abilities, they are just laying dormant and waiting to be tapped into for most of us.

It is now my passion to use the knowledge I have gained along the way to assist others on their path.  The journey of steering away from personal suffering and toward our own self mastery.


My aspiration is simple, transmute subconscious blockages & clear any interference that anchors or drains life force energy.  When this is addressed regularly it is much easier to establish a clearer connection to our higher intelligence.  It is this plus action that leads us toward reaching our full potential" 

Molly L Jones

scarab logo 1.png

About Me

I have been a Chinese martial arts practitioner since 2003. These practices are powerful in connecting to your mind-body and spirit which is the perfect complement for energy healing work.  The arts have helped me develop a high level of emotional self-mastery as you learn to develop the ability to stay fluid and flow under pressure.  When you are forced to face your fears you start to embody a deeper understanding of what your energy field is capable of.  It also shows you how powerful the mind can be over the physical body.

After many years of martial art self development I have engineered an awareness of the etheric body and a strong ability to focus my minds intent toward sensing, guiding, transmuting and transforming universal life force energy (Qi). ​

In 2005, after leaving my career in heritage funding of the UK’s ancient woodlands & historical sites. I made the decision to begin what I now understand to be a self-initiated journey of healing. I would later discover this was synonymous to the archetypal path of the wounded healer.

In 2009 after completing a Holistic massage diploma, I went on to qualify as a Tui na massage practitioner, which is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  After many years of practice with this subtle energy work, it began to trigger a heightened state of awareness.  This led to a natural ability to intuitively read bio-energetic information that emits from the different levels of human consciousness. 

In 2011, after a painful dark night of the soul initiation, I experienced a 3rd eye awakening which has led to a number of spontaneous astral projection experiences and fascinating vivid interactions with inter-dimensional beings. This widened my interest towards esoteric arts such as Meditation, Tarot, Astrology and all the mystery school affiliations.

These subjects helped expand my consciousness and it brought with it a gift, the awareness of my subconscious patterns It was vital to understand my own psychology, especially if I intended to heal the deepest levels of my shadow. It was through the discovery of astrological correlations and their interrelationships that aided me on my path. This helped me to understand my own unique journey, and years later what I now refer to as a soul healing. 

Later on in my energy development I attended a course to be attuned to the Reconnective healing frequency. As a consequence to this and my own self clearance work over the years, I have started to spontaneously channel Light Code Frequencies that now come through during some of my Quantum Healing sessions.  These gateway practices have really helped me to fine tune my intuitive psychic & ESP abilities that I now use in my sessions today.  

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