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Benefits of Quantum Healing

  • Pain cleared instantly on the spot.

  • Medical conditions resolved.

  • Mental & emotional issues deleted.

  • Family conflict resolutions.

  • Relationships harmonised.

  • Lifelong trauma dissolved.

  • Destructive core beliefs cleared.

  • Karma contracts terminated.

  • Financial, work, life issues resolved.

  • Etheric entity, implant & parasite removals.

Price:  From £80
Duration:  Up to 90 minutes
Location:  Online via Zoom 
Payment Method: 
PayPal or Credit/Debit Card
Cancellation Period:  24 hours

What happens during a Quantum Healing session?


My aim during the session is to identify and clear the root cause of your primary issue. With a focused healing intention, I tune into your energy signature and strengthen you too obstacles that are depleting or stagnating your life force.


This is usually completed in the first session and sometimes literally on the spot. The method works by creating new information that reprograms and balances your connection to the quantum energetic overlay. This acts as a catalyst for clearing issues such as pain, phobias, negative thought forms and emotional conflicts among others. 


The healing occurs as your energy bodies are brought into harmony, from exposure to an intended thought vibration and the deletion of negative cellular memories. This means you will no longer be triggered by disruptive frequencies that often arise from subconscious programming.


Once you are strengthened it will help you to feel much clearer. It will enhance your potential to connect more fully to your creative energies and increase your ability to take a step forward toward life-changing opportunities. 



How does the Quantum Healing Method work?


Using psychic abilities, I am able to interpret information stored in the unified field that is being transmitted from your subconscious. This allows me to read the bio-energetic thought frequencies that are being emitted. This is not too dissimilar to a radio antenna receiving frequency waves that enable it to broadcast sound transmissions.


Once I focus my awareness into the unified field using higher sensory perception, I start to receive information that can appear in such ways as visualisations, metaphoric words or simply a clear knowing. We then work together to identify, reprogram and clear energetic entanglements that help resolve your primary issue.


This work can shed light on traumatic memories, emotional triggers and sabotaging behaviours. As these are often the culprits that cause limiting beliefs, negative perceptions, PTSD, emotional conflicts and even physical pain.


Once your energy field is strengthened to these experiences, it can release the energetic debris connected to the primary issue and the symptoms they were causing. This allows your mind and body to return to a state of equilibrium. 

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I have many issues so what can this method help me with?


This method allows me to tune into every level of consciousness, which include the physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual. This allows me to address any life issue because ultimately, everything in existence comes from and returns back to the unified field of its infinite potential.  


When I work with the innate intelligence of the body, it is this phenomenon that guides me towards what needs to be brought forward and resolved.              


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I'm skeptical will this method work for me?

You don't need to believe or have prior experience in energy work for this method to yield good results. The best thing you can do is come with an open mind. This literally helps me to work with your energy field in a more fluid and boundless way.


It is quite common that symptoms vastly improve or even disappear after the first session. This, of course, should be taken in context with the depth and length of time of the issue.

There will always be noticeable improvements that are tangibly felt during the session. Although at times the body may need a rest period to help process and integrate the clearing work, so you may require a follow-up session.


For the non-tangible results, you are best advised to notice any subtle changes in circumstances that seem to happen over days, weeks or even months after the session. This allows you to be a witness to the reanimation of energy that will seek to improve your life.


How are you able to create a change in my energy field?


Firstly I create a conscious connection to source creator at the start of a session. I then expand my awareness, set a clear intention, shift to a neutral state of being and focus my mind appropriately. I work from an unbiased perspective and maintain a non-judgmental attitude.


I seek to find the truth which comes with having an open heart that connects to the electromagnetic field of consciousness. This is led by a divine relationship to my spirit, higher self, soul and source creator.

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What if I struggle to remember facts about my life?


This need not be a concern as I use my intuitive abilities to retrieve information from the subconscious mind. The method is not limited to this current timeline. I sometimes perceive past and future lives, which ultimately are parallel realities existing all at once.


It is also possible for these sessions to bring forward karmic contracts, inherited ancestral conflicts and other issues that bleed through and cause symptoms in this reality. This method enables me to identify, correct and clear your field so they no longer impact your current life.  

What do I need to do before attending my session?


For the QIH session itself please have in mind one primary issue you would like me to explore with a further two issues on the back burner so to speak.  The issue can be taken from any level of consciousness.


It can also be circumstances that you perceive outside of yourself that you would like to see change, i.e. difficult relationships, family dynamics, employment status, financial security, health, even pet problems.

What can I expect during the session?


We will start with a guided meditation that will help you settle into the body. If in person, your relaxation will be magnified as I provide you with a set of energy rods.


These are handheld alchemic devices based on the healing practices of ancient Egypt. The aim is to raise our vibration frequency that strengthens our connection to Source Creator, whilst simultaneously grounding our energy to enhance greater body awareness.


We will then program a golden orb with pure visual intent that will enhance our energy field. Once in a space most optimal for energy healing, I will start my verbal intuitive process.


It is helpful to monitor any physical or emotional sensations felt in the body, as this can be useful feedback as I work with your energy field. We will continue to work together to resolve the primary issue until our session ends. 


Sometimes I may incorporate other energy work modalities into the session if I feel it will benefit the healing process. 

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What do I need to do?


It is helpful to be hydrated both before and after a session to assist with the removal of toxins. This also helps with cellular changes that occur at the quantum level and improves the flow of energetic communication. 


I would also advise wearing something comfortable as we mainly remain seated in a meditative state for the majority of the session. If in person I politely request that you remove your shoes and leave them at the front door before entering the healing space.


If you book an online zoom session, I recommend you find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed, to allow you to focus on the healing process.

Do I need to book another session?


I would recommend booking again if your first session requires a phase two follow up, but generally, this is left up to you to decide.


We are all unique individuals with varying life experiences and so it is fair to assume that some lives are more colourful than others. Taking this into consideration it then makes sense that some people will require more time for clearance work compared to others.


I would say to make your decision based on the outcome of the first session. You will always know what you need so I ask you to trust this voice.