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  • Pain cleared instantly on the spot.

  • Medical conditions resolved.

  • Mental & emotional issues deleted.

  • Family conflict resolutions.

  • Relationships harmonised.

  • Lifelong trauma dissolved.

  • Destructive core beliefs cleared.

  • Karma contracts terminated.

  • Financial, work, life issues resolved.

  • Etheric entity, implant & parasite removals.


Price:  From £80
Duration:  60 minutes
Location:  Remote via Whatsapp 
Payment Method: PayPal or Credit/Debit Card
Cancellation Period:  24 hours

Package Deals Available: £369 for 5 sessions

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Molly has been nothing short of fantastic. Her work really is the missing piece of all the work I've done over the years and I’m so grateful for that. I was working on a blockage for 3 years around money that she cleared in one session. Through her healing sessions, she’s been able to move and heal energy that I never would have gotten to on my own. She’s uncovered generational traumas, core wounds, attachments to prior relationships and organ issues from when I was younger and so much more. I feel at ease, confident, light and almost rested knowing that my spiritual health is finally up to par. If all of that wasn’t enough, the most profound healing she’s done isn’t for me. I’m 8 months pregnant and she cleared old attachments that I was about to pass onto my son! I am forever grateful that I found Molly and got to experience her life changing work.

Candice Folmar, United States


The whole family including your ancestors will benefit from quantum healing. It is quite common that I clear the energy coming from family members as they are often corded to you which is why it is important to receive regular energy clearance work. We are all interconnected by a quantum field of consciousness and much like a spider’s web, we can affect each other with our thoughts and emotions that become frequencies that vibrate out into the Quantum field of infinite potential.


When we filter our thoughts and emotions through negative or painful experiences, or we are close to others who are emitting these frequencies. The energy will start to become heavy which can lead to stagnation in our physical body. This can manifest as blockages within our meridian channels, our chakra system, our mental capacity and eventually problems within our physical body such as medical symptoms or structural misalignment's. These energy clearances trace the root cause of these negative and painful experiences and transmute the energy which permanently removes the filter that creates these lower frequencies. Leaving you feeling lighter and pain free. This Quantum Healing work will target all dimensions of life that include emotional, physical, occupational, social, spiritual, intellectual, environmental and financial.



I conduct quantum healing sessions

remotely using the free Whatsapp application which can be downloaded

here. If it is your first session, I will phone you via Whatsapp to briefly discuss our session before starting. I sometimes start to receive your energetic data prior to starting. When we begin I will invite you to adopt a quiet meditative state and simply observe your body as I transmute the energy in your field. I recommend finding a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for at least one hour. You can sit or lie down, personally I prefer a seated position with my back straight during my own clearance sessions, that way it helps me to feel and monitor any changes and aligns the flow of energy in my subtle bodies. 



During the session I might leave you an audio text to clarify my findings, so please have your phone nearby. If you simply provide a little feedback with the idea of less is more due to it being intuitive work. If at any time during the session you feel you need to move, stretch, yawn, go to the bathroom etc that's fine. Simply return to your original position, as it won't affect my clearance work when you do this. It can often be your energy body reorganising which gives you the impulse to move, stretch and sometimes shake the body. It is all quite normal as the life force reactivates. I will leave a short audio message at the end to let you know I have completed the session. You can then leave your feedback at that point or if you book a number of sessions. You can send an email or leave a

message prior to the follow up session.


If we give ourselves a little time to listen to the body, the heaviness we tend to carry around within can be felt quite profoundly but often lays dormant at the surface level of our field of consciousness. We don’t realise what we can hold until the issue has shifted. A good analogy for Quantum healing is similar to taking your car to a mechanic for them to do an MOT and service. It is after all the vehicle that transports your spirit body. In the Quantum Coherence sessions for example, I will conduct a full coherence check on all the important systems to what is deemed important and is required for living a full and healthy lifestyle. 


The sessions are designed to release life times of heavy energies, cords, attachments, pain bodies, emotions, fears, attachments, resentments, anger, anxieties, resistances, karma and so much more… whilst strengthening your most important relationships to ensure your heart space is open, connected to spirit and feeling safe and supported. 


At the etheric level of our core being, the life source energy we as humans have access to can easily be drained from misplaced thoughts, emotions, brainwashing, negative programming and core belief systems. We can also attract parasitic spirit attachments that through a shared resonance of these energies, connect to our energy bodies and create life force drainage which is often the reason why we may suffer from chronic long term illnesses and energy depletion.

Tarot Cards


"I am so glad I followed my instincts and recently booked in for a session with Molly. It has helped me in profound and seemingly miraculous ways that I am continually discovering. I came to the session quite emotionally fraught but the initial meditation and breathing that Molly did with me helped to get me into a receptive and calm space. Molly told me many things during the session that were spot on and she continually honed in on areas which needed clearing and spiritual work using muscle testing. My main concern that I arrived with was a block in my throat area in terms of creative expression and confidence in expressing myself. Molly right away honed in on what the problem was and cleared the 5 implants that were surrounding that area in the quantum overlay field. After the session, I felt quite tired and achy the next day, and I knew that some type of spiritual interference had been cleared from my body and I was adapting to this reshuffling of my energy field. I now feel much clearer and lighter in my head area and have already seen a difference in how I engage with others verbally and in groups. Thank you so much Molly, I would recommend you to anyone!"     


LB, South Africa

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