Welcome, my name is Molly and I would like to thank you for finding your way to my website.  I provide a number of multidisciplinary services that support and complement the cultivation of life force energy.  

Each service provides a unique way to improve your health and wellbeing.  Some sessions are conducted online so you can even receive them in the comfort of your own home.


Whether you need Quantum Healing to read your energy from a multidimensional perspective and provide energy corrections at the etheric level of existence.  


How about a Tui na Chinese massage for a fully invigorating or deeply relaxing full body massage experience. These treatments are often used for medical aliments as it uses the same diagnostic principles as acupuncture. 

Maybe you would prefer to expand your consciousness by receiving the full immersion of 7 planetary and symphonic gongs. These will vibrate 50 billion of your body's cells in just one Sound Healing Session.  


Or have you ever considered attending courses & receiving tuition to learn a martial art with Qi Gong exercises? These incorporate my ethics for daily self improvement, higher awareness and life force cultivation for better health & well being.

Perhaps you can’t make up your mind which one you would like to choose, in which case please feel free to contact me to discuss package deals.  molly@synergylightschool.com 

These practices have brought peace, balance and transformation to my life. My aspiration and hope is that they will do the same for you.

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Moving your Qi (life force) on a daily basis is a great way to support the bio-energetic relationship of the heart and mind.  This will not only improve your overall health and well being, it will also help you feel connected to our Divine Source.




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Quantum Healing

My multidimensional Quantum Healing process is very gentle, non-invasive and requires very little in terms of your personal story. The healing sessions allow an embodied transmutation to take place that is felt at the somatic level.


When old frequencies are identified, they are transformed and an energy shift occurs. Even the most challenging of human conditions find it difficult to resist high frequency corrections when exposed to quantum healing.


The healing work simply dissolves trapped blockages, as if by magic. This energy healing work is expansive and can be utilised in any aspect of the human journey, as all things are energy. 


My sessions incorporate the knowledge, wisdom and diagnostic principles of eastern practices. I combine them with psychic readings and extra sensory perception in order to remove etheric interference at the matrix level.


The sessions invite powerful changes at a subtle level, and reach out to the mind, body and soul.  The energy corrections from the healing will strengthen your light body and enhance life, health and overall well-being.

How inner conflicts manifest into the physical

The stresses of everyday life can result in the body having inner conflicts. If left unresolved these conflicts create physical issues in the body. Emotional frequencies will then linger in and around the body's subtle energy field.


If they are not cleared or moved regularly, the energy can create subtle levels of density that interrupts the electro-magnetic circulatory system. This can impact the movement of life force in the body. The latter being essential for our mind-body coherence. 


What follows is the manifestation of a minor ailment, which in essence is your body's intelligence communicating you are not in alignment.


If this unbalance is ignored, it could perpetuate to a higher state of imbalance which may lead to destructive patterns that affect the inter-relational functions of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.  

How Quantum heals at the root cause level

Using a synergistic approach of Quantum healing and other complementary modalities, I'm able to provide instant corrections to the body's imbalances. I'm able to identify the origin of the inner conflicts that are rooted at the subconscious level.


I dissolve and clear energy blocks that though are unlikely to be seen, can often be felt either physically or energetically. For example, if a client with back pain that has manifested because of years of suppressed anger could create an emotional frequency that gradually creates restriction in connective tissues, joints and so on. 


Overtime this is manifested as a back pain, though the thought is that the cause is a disc related. However the long build up of dense energy, prevents the flow of life force, blocking tissues and movement, so this can push joints out of alignment, thus resulting in what is understood to be a slipped disc.


When you remove the emotional frequencies and inner conflict, the body will then want to return and remain in correct alignment.

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"I am feeling much better and have way more energy, I can't believe the warmth I felt going from head to toe during our session".  


Lisa Puttock, Mother, United Kingdom 

Her process is beautiful, direct and gets to the core of where energetic blockages occur".   

Blaise Penny-Kirkwood, Reiki Practitioner

United Kingdom

"Molly cleared an energetic implant located in my heart and negative memories which were connected to my ancestors.  I felt instantly different during the clearing".  

Ju Liqian, Geometric Artist, France

"I was happy with my session at this point and was not expecting anything to happen. However few days later a job offer came up from nowhere, I was speechless!". 


JM, Social Worker, France

"She has the ability to intuit on the deepest levels of the human energy field. She's extraordinary".  

Barbara Buck
Energy Intuitive & Animal Healer, USA

"You've never let me down in the past 8 years.  Keep up the good work".  


Tom Canessuis, Metal smith, United Kingdom


I am a practitioner of The Yuen Method, Emotion Code & Body Code. I'm certified in Tui Na Chinese massage, Holistic Massage, Reconnective Healing and Chinese Martial Arts. I have been involved in energy practices for nearly two decades and have received tuition  from master teachers and healers from around the globe. I have an expansive interest and studied many esoteric subjects. I have also developed the ability to do out of body exploration. I consider myself an advanced energy healer and psychic intuitive.

I am based in Chipping Sodbury, near Bristol in the United Kingdom. I provide Quantum Healing full time 'online', I also teach Wing Chun Kung Fu classes, provide regular Gong-baths and offer Tui Na Chinese Massage. This is my full time occupation, working during the week and the occasional weekend by prior arrangement. If I'm not working I like to dedicate time to developing my physical and energetic practices. I mix this with tending to my garden, regular countryside walks and bike rides out in nature.

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