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My Aspirations

"With an inexhaustible curiosity for seeking truth and a better understanding of our universal connection. I have dedicated twenty years to deprogramming my mind, expanding my consciousness, researching our human origins and looking for the root causes to human suffering.   

This led me onto a path of inner truth and ancient wisdom which has gradually integrated into my consciousness over time.  This existential  search has helped set a foundation for all my energetic explorations. I truly believe we all have unique abilities that lay dormant and are simply waiting to be acknowledged and activated.

It is now my passion to use the knowledge and wisdom I have gained to assist others on their spiritual path. The journey that leads us away from personal suffering and steers us toward inner peace and self mastery.


My aspiration is simple, transmute subconscious blockages and clear etheric interference that stagnates or drains our life force energy.  When this spiritual hygienic work is addressed regularly it becomes easier to establish a clear connection to our higher intelligence and Source consciousness. It is this along with taking action that leads us toward the path of reaching our full potential" 


Molly L Jones

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